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DynaPredict App

Mobile application to configure

and collect data.


It carries out the automated collection of sensor data, sending the information directly to the DynaPredict Web Platform.

DynaPredict Web

Plataform for analysis and

decision making.

Remote monitoring and forecasting

Dynamox scales the project, with the definition of the number and type of sensors and Gateways to be used, performs the installation and definition of alerts with the customer, and continuously monitors the monitored parameters.

Integrated Inspection

The user company sets up its own checklist. It makes it possible to incorporate the routine of the sensitive inspection in use. Identifies the status of the inspection routes, their stage of completion within the established deadlines.

Software integration

From the dialogue with the client,

their needs are understood and ways are suggested to have the most relevant information for the expected purpose.

Dr. Predict

Dr. Predict is an automated defect detection and diagnosis tool, designed to monitor equipment in industrial parks, generating periodic reports to highlight components with a high probability of failure and suggest actions for maintenance planning.

Installation and parameterization of sensors and gateways

The Dynamox specialized team makes the physical installation or the supervision of the installation, parameterization and commissioning of the DynaPredict sensing system.

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